iMotion - Framing Informal Moments in Trainings

The global COVID-19 pandemic might constitute a shift within adult education paradigms. Yes, online learning / distance learning / etc. were already widely established as options in a vast landscape of training formats before the pandemic hit. However, the trainers in the consortium made conscious choices in offering bespoke offline trainings and other educational formats up until then. When the pandemic called for a change towards online settings, this drastic shift lead to musings about things that felt got lost in online settings, while other opportunities arose. In 2021 the members of this project started a dialogue about how some of us felt that certain "informal moments" got lost in the pandemic online courses. At the same time those "informal moments" were quite important to the overall experience during a course format - both for trainers and participants.

The new funding format of a small scale partnership in Erasmus+ was considered to be most suitable for a trilateral project between Kamaleonte (Italy), alp activating leadership potential (Austria) and 2Kroner (Germany). We named the project "iMOtion – Framing Informal Moments in Training".

Project iMOtion has a focus on the exploration of what constitutes "informal moments" in adult educational settings and how trainers can be enabled to transfer potential best practice about framing "informal moments" from offline to online settings and vice versa. It is both an in depth exploration of own experiences as well as a gathering of sources and external input that will be made available to a professional European public within the field of adult education - using Epale and other online publication formats as well as podcasts.

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Three European Partners: Kamaleonte (IT) 2Kroner (DE) alp - activating leadership potential (AT)