DIVE - Didactics of Diversity

"DIVE - Didactics of Diversity" (2020 - 2021) is a small scale mobility project. The trainers wish to deepen their knowledge on teaching diversity related matters within an adult educational scope. Also, the trainers would like to develop a skill set that supports them to put diversity on the agenda of their clients in a more forward way. 2Kroner's desire is to create high quality trainings with an appreciative approach towards the learners and a profound critical diversity sensitivity. Within adult education we have observed unintentional - but nevertheless significant - actions that single out individuals, overlook or ignore them or otherwise discount their presence based on various parameters such as race or ethnicity, gender, body image, sexual orientation or age. Thus, interventions are important and neccessary.

It is not our aim to stir basic acceptance of but genuine appreciation for diversity related matters and thus their importance is particularly valued by us. For 2Kroner it is and in its nature always will be a work in progress to reflect a critical diversity. There is no ultimate goal or final level of "perfection".